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Edge Lightweight Collection Lock Setting InstructionsUpdated 2 years ago

Place Edge Lightweight on its side.

Edge Lightweight Collection Lock Instructions (Video) >


Place the case on its side on a smooth surface. The rubberized side handle should be on the bottom half of the case and the magnetic ID tag on the top half. See the image above.


Edge Lightweight Luggage Latch

Locks are preset at 0-0-0

  1. Ensure that the dials (C) are on the original 0-0-0 combination.
  2. OPEN by sliding the button (A) toward the dial.
  3. Press the reset button (B) with a narrow, pointed object or another tool until you hear a “Click” sound.
  4. Set your 3-digit combination by turning the dials to your desired 3-digit number. (C) It is recommended that you set the combination from Left-to-Right. IMMEDIATELY WRITE DOWN AND SAVE THE COMBINATION. Zero Halliburton cannot assist in opening a locked case.
  5. TEST THE COMBINATION. BEFORE RE-INSERTING THE ZIPPER PULLS, spin the dial off the newly set combination. Slide button (A) toward the dial. It should NOT move as the lock is now set. Return the dial to your combination and slide button (A) again. It should move to the right, and the reset button will pop back to its original position. You can now engage the zipper pulls.

Zero Halliburton cannot reset the lock if the combination has been forgotten, so PLEASE REMEMBER TO WRITE IT DOWN AND SAVE the combination.

No Key is provided. The keyhole that appears on the lock is for TSA USE ONLY.

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