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TSA Latch Lock InstructionsUpdated a year ago

Zero Halliburton cases feature several styles of TSA Approved Combination locks. The locks featured on the Zero Halliburton aluminum attachés are not TSA compliant, except where otherwise noted.

For instructions on resetting older product locks, don't hesitate to get in touch with Zero Halliburton Customer Service at [email protected].

Below are instructions on changing the factory pre-set combinations to your unique 3-digit code.

TSA Latch Lock
Featured on Classic Aluminum 2.0, Classic Polycarbonate 2.0, GEO 3.0 (including attache and wheeled business cases), Carbon Fiber, and Premier Attache 2.0 series.

The factory pre-set combination is 0-0-0.

To set the lock to your desired 3-digit code, the steps to follow are below. (Refer to Images)

Ensure the lock shows 0-0-0. Unlock and open the case.

Position the case with locks facing upward and to the right.

On the back of the lock, slide the reset button upwards. Once in the up position, set the combination to your 3-digit code.

(It is recommended that you write down and save your combination. If the case is locked and the combination is forgotten, a locksmith will be required to open the case.)

Once complete, return the reset button to the down position. The combination lock is now reset.

Closed and Pre-set to 0-0-0

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