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Frequently asked questions.

Can I delay my shipment?

Once your order is placed, we will start working on it immediately. Currently, we are unable to delay or hold shipments.

What is the best way to clean aluminum?

To remove dirt or surface residue, gently wipe the case with a soft, damp cloth. To bring out aluminum’s natural shine, buff your case with a coat of mild, silica-free (Silica-based products can scratch the aluminum surface) polishing wax.

Does aluminum scratch or dent?

Zero Halliburton aluminum cases are heat-treated and anodized to provide maximum strength to the surface. However, based on the properties of aluminum, it is still possible that your case will scratch or dent. These cosmetic marks do not impact a Zer

I have had my case for many years and I would like to repair it or get replacement parts. Where should I go?

While each ZERO Halliburton case has been made to last a lifetime, it should be expected that component parts will show use over time and may eventually need to be repaired or replaced. While this wear usually occurs and is not covered by our warrant

What are the airline standards for carry-on luggage?

Each airline sets its own carry-on restrictions. The standard for the major U.S. carriers is 22x14x9 inches. We recommend that you contact your airline for their policy regarding carry-on luggage.

Are you able to customize ZERO Halliburton cases?

We can provide various customization options for orders of 300 (units per model/per color) or more. Please email [email protected] directly for assistance.

How do I contact ZERO Halliburton Customer Service?

Please send an email to [email protected].

Are you able to repair scratches or repaint heritage cases?

Unfortunately, we are unable to buff out scratches or repaint heritage cases.

Is airline damage covered under my Warranty?

Unfortunately, airline damage is not covered under The Zero Halliburton Five-Year Limited Warranty. You can read our warranty here.

Does my Warranty cover normal wear and tear or misuse?

Like most products, the Zero Halliburton lifetime warranty protects against manufacturer's defects, not normal wear and tear or misuse. You can read our warranty here.

Can I pay for repair services for cases not covered under the Warranty?

While we offer the option to pay for repairs of cases that are not covered under warranty, we cannot make repairs if the parts no longer exist. Our repair partners might be able to retrofit something using different parts. Still, they would need to p

Do your products come with a warranty?

Yes, they do. You can read more about it here.